Little finger prints™ was “born” in 2007 and was the first company to bring this wonderful concept to South Africa.  We began by creating beautiful jewellery that captured children’s and adult’s fingerprints in fine silver.  Since then we have expanded our range to include hand and footprints and even paw prints of family pets.  In addition, your child’s first drawings can be replicated on silver.

Fingerprints can be taken of children of all ages, although very young babies may not have a very clearly defined fingerprint.  The imprint is nevertheless really cute and is a wonderful reminder in later years of just how tiny they once were!  Fingerprints can be taken by calling on our Johannesburg premises or, if you live further afield, by mail order.  It is also possible to arrange a get together with a group of friends.  At these parties the hostess receives a special gift and discount on her order.

These beautiful items are made from a product called Art Clay Silver.  A magical process results in a truly special gift for a little person, a partner, a grandparent or yourself, a unique and special gift for all occasions.  The finished product is 99,9% silver and all items are individual and handcrafted.

We pride ourselves on producing items of the highest quality and constantly strive to provide top quality service to all our customers – we would be delighted to be able to make you a special gift to last a lifetime!