:: Little finger prints FAQ's ::

Will I see my child's print clearly?

It does depend on the size of the child's finger and the depth of lines on their finger. The shallower the lines the less defined they may be. But even with few lines or undefined ones you still get a nice finger shaped imprint.

How old does my child have to be?

Young babies and children often do not have very defined fingerprints, but I've fingerprinted babies as young as one month and we usually get a few lines and good impression... and they are terribly cute when so small! I can do any age really for all sorts of occasions, for birthday presents, wedding gifts or other special events.

Can you tell me how natural the impression kit is?

With regards to the silver clay, this is non-toxic, although the manufacturer does state in very rare circumstances there is a possibility of skin irritation. The finger is protected with an unscented, olive oil balm before the imprint is taken and the hands can be wiped immediately afterwards.

How easy is the impression to take at home?

It is very simple and easy. But please be assured that if I receive your print and it has no lines or is not suitable for casting from I will contact you before going ahead.

I love my print and want to get one for my mum, do I need to do another impression?

If you are happy for me to use the mould we already have then no you don't need to do it again.

Can I have my print done in person?

Most definitely. Email or call for an appointment at my home or alternatively, I will be happy to come to you if you have 5 or more friends all wanting items made.

I love these prints. Can I make it myself?

Nothing is impossible and I'm a true believer in discovering new hobbies & ventures. It has taken me some time to understand the workings of this wonderful product. Some of my materials are imported, as they are not readily available in SA. If you are really keen to learn more about this art of fingerprinting & earn an income, please contact us. We are offering franchises in many areas across South Africa.

Caring for your Silver.

Silver jewellery can be cleaned with a polishing cloth. Avoid using any liquid cleaners, as it may remove the antiquing. Do remove your jewellery when using household cleaners, especially bleach and bathroom cleaners, as this may mark and ruin your fine and sterling silver. Regularly check all findings and fittings for wear and tear.

Did you know?

Art Clay Silver is a recycled product, the silver being extracted from old film stock and negatives. The resulting items are therefore organic, not only in nature, but also form. The items will appear handmade and tiny imperfections may be seen in some items due to the nature of the material used.